Mid Week Specials
2 course dinner for 14.95

Available from now until 2nd May 2019

Booking is required – Please mention this offer when reserving a table.


SPRING ROLL (g) (v) Crispy spring rolls Gilled with glass noodles, shiitake mushroom, carrot & cabbage. Served with our home-made sweet chilli sauce.

PRAWN ON TOAST (s) (g) Deep fried minced king prawns & pork spread on toast topped with sesame seeds & served with a sweet chilli sauce.

CORN CAKES (n) (g) Sweet corn & carrots mixed with red curry paste and aromatic lime leaves in batter served with sweet chilli sauce, ground peanut & diced cucumber.

MUSHROOM SATAY (n) (g) (v) Grilled marinated Shiitake mushroom on skewers served with peanut


All mains served with jasmine rice except Pad Thai

GRA PAO (g) (medium) One of the most common dishes to eat on the streets of Thailand. Stir fry using chilli, basil, onion & fine beans in a strongly flavoured sauce. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

PAD KHING (g) Stir-fried fresh ginger with red chilli, onion, spring onion, fungus mushroom, baby corn, mushroom & carrot. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

RED CURRY (Gaeng Dang) (medium) Traditional classic curry with bamboo shoots & basil in coconut cream. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

GREEN CURRY (Gaeng Kiew Wann) (medium) Combination of delicious Thai Glavours blended with silky smooth coconut milk, eggplants, basil & chillies. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

PAD THAI (n) Stir-fried rice noodles with bean curd, bean sprouts, spring onion, dried radish & egg. Served with ground peanut & lime wedge. Please choose Chicken, Veg Or Prawns.

Contains: (g) gluten (n) nuts (s) sesame seeds (v) vegetarian 

There is an additional charge of £2 for Prawns or Lamb. 

We cannot guarantee our dishes are 100% allergen free. For detailed allergen information please speak to your server before ordering.
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