Mid Week Specials
2 course dinner for 14.95

Available from now until 2nd May 2019

Booking is required – Please mention this offer when reserving a table.


SPRING ROLL (g) (v) Crispy spring rolls Gilled with glass noodles, shiitake mushroom, carrot & cabbage. Served with our home-made sweet chilli sauce.

PRAWN ON TOAST (s) (g) Deep fried minced king prawns & pork spread on toast topped with sesame seeds & served with a sweet chilli sauce.

CORN CAKES (n) (g) Sweet corn & carrots mixed with red curry paste and aromatic lime leaves in batter served with sweet chilli sauce, ground peanut & diced cucumber.

MUSHROOM SATAY (n) (g) (v) Grilled marinated Shiitake mushroom on skewers served with peanut


All mains served with jasmine rice except Pad Thai

GRA PAO (g) 🌶️🌶️ One of the most common dishes to eat on the streets of Thailand. Stir fry using chilli, basil, onion & fine beans in a strongly flavoured sauce. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

PAD KHING (g) Stir-fried fresh ginger with red chilli, onion, spring onion, fungus mushroom, baby corn, mushroom & carrot. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

RED CURRY (Gaeng Dang) 🌶️🌶️ Traditional classic curry with bamboo shoots & basil in coconut cream. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

GREEN CURRY (Gaeng Kiew Wann) 🌶️🌶️ Combination of delicious Thai flavours blended with silky smooth coconut milk, eggplants, basil & chillies. Please choose Chicken, Beef, Veg Or Prawns.

PAD THAI (n) Stir-fried rice noodles with bean curd, bean sprouts, spring onion, dried radish & egg. Served with ground peanut & lime wedge. Please choose Chicken, Veg Or Prawns.

Contains: (g) gluten (n) nuts (s) sesame seeds (v) vegetarian
There is an additional charge of £2 for Prawns or Lamb.

We cannot guarantee our dishes are 100% allergen free. For detailed allergen information please speak to your server before ordering.

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